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Most Recent Posts/News Items

07/01/2017 - Acquired several financial .coms doamain rights.

08/29/2016 - Sold in a premium sale.

04/16/2016 - We have obtained the rights to several Chinese movie themed domain names as well as several Los Angeles Bar/Pub generic domain.

4/05/2015 - Our Website as well as our sales page interactions have been updated.

11/30/2015 - We have acquired the rights to

08/28/2015 - Be sure to have a look at our newFacebook page.

02/04/2015 - We have acquired the domain rights to, a premium solar power domain name/website.

11/10/2014 - We have acquired the rights to as well as

08/01/2014 - Automatronic?  That's right we have registered several domains relating to automatronics.  Wiki it, you'll understand!


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